Jun 1

better than a love letter.

This kills me. Passive aggressive notes written by children. The first one was slipped under her parents door after she was sent to her room for misbehaving.

I love the dramatic flare of crossing out the love and replacing it with from. Good work, little girl! 

The next one is explained by little Eliots mother: “My husband and I were outside one evening, deaf to the ’screams’ of my 9-year-old son, Eliot. Apparently, he was in his room and bumped his fish tank, causing a small amount of water to slosh out, and he panicked. When we came back inside, we found the above note shoved under our bedroom door. Upon examination of said fish tank, we could find zero evidence of leak-springing… but then, we were also laughing pretty hard at the indignant note — especially its closing and postscript.”

found via Passive Aggressive Notes

Ha! His fish is named Bob (I think that’s the part I like the best).

These remind me of when my brother was in kindergarten and he had to write an apology letter to one of his classmates. It went exactly like this:
“Dear Mamoona, I’m sorry I told you that you smell. Love, James”

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