May 12

backyard weddings.

I’m attending my Aunts wedding this summer and I could not be more excited for her! I’ve been perusing the interwebs trying to come up with appropriate attire and I need some advice. I love clothes, and I think I’m not so bad at picking out individual pieces – but I will never claim to be particularly good at putting an outfit together. Sometimes I think I’ve hit the nail right on the head, and a few weeks later when I look back at pictures, I’m not sure what I was thinking. One time, I tried to be all cutting edge and avant-garde, so I wore bright blue leggings to a friends party. Bright. Blue. Leggings. Please don’t let this happen to me again.  It’s a simple backyard wedding with a small group of people. Which outfit do you prefer?

dress from Anthropologie, Steve Madden heels, Aldo accessories clutch

dress from Ruche, Steve Madden heels, Aldo Accessories clutch

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